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Lund Boats Military Discount

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Lund Boats military discount

The Lund Boats military discount has been verified by CheapGrunt.

Lund Boats is one of the oldest and most respected boat manufacturers in the world. Founded by Minnesota farmers in 1948, Lund has a long and proud heritage of building tough, dependable boats for anglers and outdoorsmen alike. From their humble beginnings producing aluminum fishing boats to today’s high-end models built with a combination of cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship, Lund has always been dedicated to providing quality products that meet the needs of serious fishermen.

Throughout its history, Lund has continued to innovate and provide advanced features for its customers. The company was among the first to introduce molded fiberglass construction in the late 1950s, which allowed them to produce lightweight but durable designs that revolutionized fishing boats. Lund was also one of the first boat companies to introduce V-hulls, which provided better tracking and improved rough water performance. In the 1990s, Lund introduced their patented “ProV” hull design, which further improved performance and remains a popular choice for serious anglers today.

Lund has continued to evolve with the times, introducing new models that combine classic designs with modern features like GPS navigation systems, advanced fishing electronics packages, and other amenities such as comfortable seating and stylish interiors. With an extensive lineup of boats ranging from small utility boats to large offshore vessels, Lund offers something for every type of boater. Whether you’re looking for a practical workboat or a luxurious pleasure craft, there’s sure to be a Lund that meets your needs.


Lund offers discounts for military members and their families on a variety of models. The military discount is applied to your purchase at the time of sale. Your dealer will have all of the details. For a list of current model discounts click on the button below.

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